Free ME/CFS E-Book Annoucement


Hi, Nico.

I'm not sure I understand, either, but I just went to Amazon, and it appears that this book is only available as an ebook. It isn't free as of yet, unless you sign up for Amazon Prime. So check back the 22nd? I have never ordered an ebook, but what I understand is that the ebook is downloadable to Amazon's Kindle. Or you can download software from Amazon to make your PC operate like a Kindle.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of these details. Thanks.
Hi Merry, I'm still a bit fogged.... but yes, I think that one has to download a type of reader from amazon to get the ebook. Unfortunately, my laptop's memory is so low at the moment, I'm not sure I want to upload another program right now. Maybe if we ask some other people in the know.... they may know for sure if the book will be available as a hard copy for free. Personally, that would be my own preference.... having something tangible to refer back to. When I have my wits about me a bit more, I'll try to find some answers. :)

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