my update: hyper-parathyroidism

I have an appt with Endocrinology 18 April. I have hyperparathyroidism.

From what I'm reading so far, surgery seems like the best option.

But, I don't think I'm a good candidate for surgery because of the ME/CFS.

However, I just wanted to share this new case someone has had this particular surgery (and has ME/CFS); or has any feedback on surgery with general anesthesia while ill with severe ME/CFS.

Thanks, Nico

Here is info on the condition


Two years ago I had general anesthesia for hand surgery. I had no problems with the anesthesia. The surgeon wanted to use a shoulder block, which would have left my entire arm paralyzed for about a day. I pointed out this would be a real hardship for me, as I live alone.

Since I had a bad migraine attack the day of surgery, I was grateful for a few hours relief from the pain, which was still there when I woke up. It's amazing (and distressing) just how persistent migraine pain can be.
thank you JimElls for your comment. It's good to see that you had no ill effects from the anesthesia. I also hope your hand is doing much better now :) I did read on some forum posts about people here getting very bad body pain after surgery. I am still crossing my fingers for non surgical option, but I may not have that choice. Thank you for your feedback!
I had surgery in 2005 on my neck. They removed two discs and put in a titanium cage and four screws. This launched my undiagnosed ME CFS into orbit. The pain got worse not better. There are protocols around PR somewhere and on the internet as what aenesthia (SP) NOT to use etc. and what precautions to take. I was finally diagnosed with Fibro in 2008 and ME CFS in 2010. Hope this helps.
Xandoff, I actually have a write up from the CFIDS Assoc. which I carry with me all the time in my purse. I plan on showing it to the surgeon and anesthesiologist. My guess is..if/when...I'm due for surgery that they won't like this: I plan on requesting local anesthetic and nitrous oxide. We shall see. After all, they'll be slicing into my neck! I'm sorry your ME/CFS went out of control after your surgery. So hard - because we're going to run into other things as we age..."healthies" can weather these storms better than us I think. Sigh. Well, here's the anesthesia write up:

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