Recovery Project

My visit to Dr Rey was kinda bad because I was doing the treatment wrong, I was doing half the dose of the imunovir, so not much progress was been made. Now I started the right Doses and not having any additional side effects. I was told to Drink water and water and more water, that was basically the mantra. But I do drink A LOT OF water so I figure I have some kind of water retention issue. I am suspecting diabetes insipid.

Today is my second day on short term Disability. Like everything I do, I try to have structure and purpose. So Took the time to write down all the stuff I wanted to do and try but couldn't do them because I was too busy with work. Then order them and do a schedule based on what I want to accomplish.

I increased electrolytes and imunovir doses and My Resting Heart rate (RHR) is now 69!!! It was 92 when I started treatment. So huge improvement.

My focus on this 3 months will be Detox, Nutrition, and Exercise. I made a list for Detox Baths and healthy eating and went to supermarket to get the stuff.

This is what my schedule look like so far:

Take thyroid medicine
Wear Supporting Stockings
Cook Breakfast
eat breakfast on the Sun (for Vit D)
take Supplements
Clean up
Make/Apply Facial Mask
Dry skin Brushing
Detox Bath
Lunch (will buy Cooked on Supermarket)
take Supplements
Make dinner
Have Dinner
take Supplements


dont forget to clean that nasty fungus out of your ear....hydrogen peroxide 3%
Hi Inester,

Did Dr. Rey talk about what kind of improvements their patients had? And what kind of treatments do they offer besides immunovir and equilibrant, and treatments for POTS?
Uni, No she didn't mentioned, but I keep in touch w some of her patients and compare. I know she offers antiviral is titters are high. The POTs is now (second visit) that she is addressing for me, and for that she referred me to a electrophysiologist, she doesn't treat the POTs herself at least in my case.
Do you know if she sees any patients with mild CFS? I was functioning at maybe 50-60%, and now I'm at around 70%. I'm still struggling with post exertional symptoms, poor sleep, and poor cognition/memory. I'm wondering if I should go and try to see her.
Yes, is about the testing and knowing what is out of whack for you. I would do it if you have not done the NK cell and Cytokines and the lymphocyte subpannel.
Hi Inester, Good luck w/your program. You're so organized! Did the doc. prescribe all the water? Doesn't that conflict w/the POTS or does the increased electrolytes compensate? Also, have you found any support hose that work? I actually can't wear them now (101 tomorrow) so it's harder in the summer.
pilates, try to do weights (3 pounders and ankle type weights), Walking small distance and slow.

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