Random Flare Ups

I've been in a massive flare up since yesterday. No particular reason for it, just woke up sick as a dog. Massive pain, massive fatigue, fever. I'm just dying.

I had plans to go out to dinner with a friend last night and I had to cancel. Exactly why I can never make plans, cause I never know when I'll be too sick to do anything.

Woke up sick as hell today, too. Fever, fatigue, pain. Feel like a truck ran over me. I really hate it.

The whole never knowing when, that's the worst part. You never know when you'll be feeling like this. Like Wed, I was pretty much okay, but I was pushing it. But I wasn't like this.

I don't even know if I'll be able to drag myself down to get my mail at some point today. And so far, a shower has been out of the question. I might attempt it, though, at some point. People never understand how these normal everyday things that people take for granted can be so monumental to a CFIDS patient. When you're too sick, you're just too sick.

And there's no real time limit on a flare. You just have to rest and wait it out for however many days or whatever it decides to go on for. It's horrible.


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