Pills for Dessert

I went out to dinner with friends yesterday, and woke up in so much pain. Full on flare. The payback was NOT worth it. I loved seeing my friends, they were in from out of the country and they made time just to see me before they went back. The food was very good, too.

I had to take pseudofed just to go out with them or I would have been too lightheaded, weak and dizzy from the POTS. I wasn't lightheaded. But I felt like I was using energy that wasn't mine. And I had the pain on the side of the heart the whole time from the POTS. Forcing the blood pressure up is not the smartest idea, but I haven't heard anything from idiot docs on what else to do.

I didn't expect to be in this much pain today. Worse than if a truck ran over me. Pain, fatigue. Mostly screaming pain. I couldn't walk across the apartment today. And briefly thought of going to the ER, but of course, they wouldn't do a thing if I did. They would act like I'm some druggie. They have no clue. So I didn't go.

I finally caved in tonight and too a muscle relaxant. I only took tylenol with it. I can't take NSAIDS, and aspirin gives me gout attacks. Narcs never really touched this pain.

I have a doc appointment later in the week, and I'll ask her again if there's anything for the pain. Why they don't come out with newer pain killers, I don't know.

I don't know how much longer I can do this. There's just no life from it. The pain is not worth anything.


Hi Carrigon, a most unappetizing dessert, for sure.

I'm curious how the pseudofed helps POTS. I use a tiny dose of atenolol, that helps quite a bit. Other beta blockers are supposed to be better, but I can't tolerate them, as usual.

In this society, pain, as well as sickness and poverty, are considered to be moral failings. We are living (if one can call it 'living') in a society that prefers to shoot the wounded, since we wounded slow down the march toward everlasting increase in profits and domination of the planet.

At this point I can't do much to stop the Empire except to be grit in the gears of the machine. Every dollar of food stamps and Medicaid that I cause the Empire to spend is one less dollar available to dominate and kill working people in other countries. So this is a goal, a reason to stay alive: to wear down those gears for as long as possible.
Pseudofed raises blood pressure and it keeps it raised for a certain number of hours. That's one reason it helps. It also has properties that work on keeping the circulatory system flowing right. Since it's based on Ephedra, I consider it a more natural drug. It was also one of the first things they used to prescribe for POTS. But they stopped doing it, probably because they know damn well that it works. Instead they waged a war on it to detract from the fact that aspartame is what has been killing athletes, it was never the Ephedra.

I don't recommend taking pseudofed on a regular basis because just like licorice, it will strip your glands and eventually causes a rebound flare up. You end up with your thyroid and adrenals stripped and then you get worse. That's what happens when you use energy that is not your own. It can happen with caffeine, too. I get worse and more fatigued if I use caffeine.

I only use pseudofed on occasions when I need it, but there are times where it won't even work. If I'm having a really bad day, sometimes it won't work.

I'm still really badly flared up today. So I basically lost this entire day because I've been too sick to move. These short outtings with friends are just not worth the huge payback. Nothing is.
just wanted to say hello and that i understand how you feel...its sad that the least thing causes pain and fatigue...its a very hard life...i go to bed in pain and wake up exhausted and in pain..

the thing that has helped me most is the doctor put me on a low dose of morphine pill...it has helped more than anything...i cant take it if im driving or anyting of course...and i am sedated adn more foggy than my usual foggy short term memory problems..but i have extreme pain every single day of my life now and to find some form of relief is good...it doesnt take pain completely away but as i said it takes edge off bettr than anything else it really has helped me more than anything..

i hope your doctor gives you something to help...
Carrigon, what type of pain do you get? Is it muscle pain? Do you also have fibromyalgia?

I feel the same about social visits, at least at the level I've been for the past 6 months or so. I haven't visited with anyone even in my home. It's just not worth the energy cost and increased sickness afterwards. Even if people come to my home it will be more energy spent than I normally would spend and I know I'll be paying the costs. Plus I just don't feel well enough to follow healthy people conversation!

I hope you're doing better today. Does it help you to have friends visit you at home or will it be just as bad?
I have CFIDS/ME with overlapping Advanced Lyme and Fibro. I had Fibro first, several years before I got CFIDS/ME. And the Lyme, I got bit by ticks as a child and wasn't treated because back then, no one knew what Lyme was.

The pain I get is severe nerve, muscle and joint pain. When I'm flared up it's alot of the fibro points plus nerve pain all over. I also have gout and sometimes I get bad gout arthritis on top of the whole thing. Or I get the Lyme arthritis. There's alot of pain.
I'm sorry, that is a lot of pain from a lot of different conditions. You are dealing with a lot.
The pain and anxiety from it can pull one down. It's horrible to feel punished for just trying to do some normal well-meaning things. I confront the ups and downs constantly and have never felt in control, my symtoms are just too changable and when I see a bit of life, I grab it and of course pay for it dearly.Yet this season I've had a "burning Spine" was at ER twice in one week, got the stomach flu and a migraine and am bed bound just trying to get to my regular sick self. What a life.

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