No more relentless PEM???

i thoguht if I get cured I would..... and is funny that after a few days Without my relentless PEM the one thing I decided to do first was........... take a very hot shower!!!!!

I have the hardest weeks ever. Pressure at work, had to travel 3 times, had to move office and to put the nail on the coffin, I had to move houses.

The move was brutal. The first few days I was afraid I would crash. Then I kept pushing since I had been doing so well on the peptides and no other option since I had a brutal time frame to complete the move.

After working and expecting going paralyzed as I ussually do when I reached my wall, but kept going and going and going. Last night I had a pain in my hips since I have been beding over and working non stop. But I put heating pad, no pills, and went to sleep and woke up w no pain!!!!! What!!!!! This is huge for me.

So the very hot shower gave me a bit of brain noise which I haven’t gotten in a very long time. Will avoid this for the time being. But overall I am very active and do not stop or manage energy!!!! What!!!!!!! I am sooooo feaking happy!!!!


Well I was afraid all the damage would be permanent but so far looks like one can recover well.
I hope this continues. And if so... let us know if there was anything that you did differently before-hand... or any supplement, drug, etc that you had.

I would just say that I have had a few times in the past where PEM took longer to hit me. Usually its about 28-30 hours... but one time... after a very severe exertion... it took almost 3 days. And I sometimes feel totally fine before-hand.

But that being said.. I am 100% sure that there are ways to shield us from PEM. I know first-hand... because I also found a way using corticosteroids. But I am always on the lookout for an alternative, healthier alternative that I can use more frequently.
I understand my PEM also can settle days later but the amount of work I have done is not PEM level for me but paralyzed me level. So I do not have a wall anymore. If I get sick or crash is not as bad, is the inability to go beyond certain point that bothers me ( in emergency cases I am screwed) if i can push and crash later I take it!! But so far not even that. I worked all day at office and did my shores at home. I am like a energizer bunny. I have had 4 peptides shots after trying so many things. I am 100% sure is due to that.
There are different types for different things. I had tried bpc-157 for guy and it helped a lot for guy. So it depends what your issue is and what the Peptide is suppose to do. Again I have been on so many things at this point ( the bpc Peptide was not by doctor) all others thing I tired have been prescribed. The current one included
Wow - that is awesome! *high five* :D !!! YES! I hope you have a relaxing and happy holiday season full of health and joy.

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