My tips for dealing with the heat

It's summer where I live, and worse yet, we're in the middle of a heat wave. It's been over 30 degrees Celsius for a few days, which is 86 Fahrenheit, and I don't have air con, sadly. I've only just started to figure out the best ways for me to keep cool and I thought I'd share.

- Start the day with a rinse! Now I'm not talking a full shower, those tire me out too much. But I try to have a very quick rinse with cool water (Not freezing cold, but as cool as can be tolerable). I really concentrate on the areas that get very warm - the back of my neck and ears, the tops of my thighs and my back. Also, getting your hair wet is very helpful to keep you cooler throughout the day.

-Create airflow in your room by opening a window and the door. (Seems basic, I know, but keeping the door open stops the room from getting too stuffy). Also, keep a fan on you to maintain a cooler temperature.

- Go out in the middle of the day to an air conditioned place. For me, the longer I am hot, the worse I feel. So breaking up the heat onslaught in the middle of the day helps my body get back to a cooler temperature. Also, the middle of the day seems to be the hottest time, so it helps to get away if possible. Even if I feel quite unwell, if someone can drive me somewhere cool, it helps my condition overall.

-Keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge and spritz on your warmest parts when you feel over heated. You can then sit in front of the fan for extra effect.

-Try to have icy poles, popsicles, or even just ice on hand to cool down from the inside. And, of course, be very vigilant about keeping hydrated! I use a 1 litre water bottle, so it's easier to know how much I've had throughout the day.

- If you know a heatwave is coming up, gather together some activities you can do from bed, or some of your favorite movies and shows to watch. This is so that when it's been really warm for days and you can't do too much, there's some options to alleviate the boredom.

-If you're able, take rinses throughout the day to get cool again.

-Keep ice packs in the freezer. You can then keep these on you in bed when you're too tired to take a rinse.

- Try going outside if you can. Sometimes it's a lot warmer inside than outside, so just getting five minutes of fresh air and relief can be very refreshing.

Hope these help! As Mr. Freeze would say, stay cool!!


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