My kid Broke my heart

So like I have been sick, I was not thinking about going out for trick or treat. Then as my kid was getting ready she said "mom I wish chronic fatigue doesn't exist" I just wanted to cry right there with the feeling of frustration, I try to hide it but she can tell now when I am sick.

I dragged myself out there even if it costs me months to recover from this one, I did one last push. I have been loading on Pedialyte and ate banana and Took coffee, sugar and all those short lived energy booster just so I could make it though the night. (Too late for a red bull).

I for got to mentioned I have my tongue white again, Lost my voice, And I am stinky inside like I have a dead animal. Not sure what this has to do w anything. But interesting that when I crash all goes bad.

After getting back on florinef I feel a difference so hopefully will get out of relapse soon.


I hope you are better again some soon. I wasnt aware that you were off the Florinef. (I'll back read your other posts)
Tania, it was by mistake. I filled the pill container for the week and forgot to put the florinef on it :(

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