Make the Turnips Dance - Raise Money for Phoenix Rising!

View attachment 1942 The IGIVE video contest is an easy way to get Phoenix Rising and another non-profit some much needed cash. (The other non-profit will get 25% of the prize. We will vote on them on who it is).

You simply register with IGIVE (name, zip, email) - a group that helps Causes raise cash through shopping, searching on the internet (and video contests) - and then vote once a day for the Phoenix Rising Turnip Video produced by Helen Watkinson. (You can guess who the turnip is - it's the person with ME/CFS :cool:). You can then opt in or out for IGIVE's email updates)

From then on Phoenix Rising will pop up when you log in and voting is simple. One vote a day is allowed per adult person or email address, so more than one person can vote per household.

Only Dog Rescue causes have really jumped on this - so even though we've started late we have a good chance of getting a top prize. Thus far we have risen quickly with just a few people voting. If we really get after it we could easily win the top prize ($1,000).

IGive is an organization that helps Causes raise money by using their search bar and by internet shopping. When you buy something at an internet site IGive gives a percentage to the Cause you've chosen - very much like the PR stores so feel free to assist PR, if you're so inclined, while doing your holiday shopping :))

Thanks Helen for creating the video!:Retro smile:


I voted again today. We need to vote every day! Let's get $10K for Phoenix Rising.

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