Phoenix Rising Moving! New Forum Package- Evaluators Requested..

<img src="" align="Right" />Phoenix Rising is moving a new Forum package called Xenforo.

The move did not come easy (particularly for me); VBulletin has been good to us but after taking a close look at both packages it became clear which way we should go...Xenforo is a new product (created by VBulletin's former lead developer) that is cleaner both from a coding and presentation standpoint and more flexible and better adapted to what we want to create with Phoenix Rising....which is a fully integrated website/Forum package. We see Xenforo as an important bridge to the future for us and we're excited about the move :D:D

There will be some changes...some things that disappear and some new things that Xenforo offers - but the basis of the Forums (with blogs and groups) will be same.

Still, this is the biggest move PR has made since getting the Forums online back in 2010 and we want to do it right. Right now we're looking for evaluators to check a copy of Xenforo we have running on our server. We'll be asking the evaluators a series of questions (favorite themes, ease of use, functionality, suggestions, etc.) as we move to our migration date.

Please PM me or leave a comment if you would like to be an evaluator.


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