LDN (Up dose to 3mg) Day 4

So the week ended surprisingly well, Thursday was HARD but that night I up the dose to 2m of LDN and woke up Friday w a lot of energy, so I had a very good weekend, but like when I started I have developed An extraordinary amount of pain.

Last night I didn't sleep much, I got a new CPAP mask (which did not work) and the pain was so intense that I would wake up and couldn't go back to sleep. Is a very bizarre pain., I couldn't even explain it, not only is that muscle deep tissue pain but also it hurts in my hand. Is a very uncomfortable and unique pain.

But is a love hate relationship with LDN, the head buzz have improved even more. So I will exchange the head buzz for pain, at least I can treat pain (Advil) Vs no pills for the head buzz. Like everything else with us, is a matter of choosing the less of both evils. We just have to choose how and what will hurt :eek: . I guess I am lucky I have options unlike a lot of plp here in the forum.
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It took me a while to work up to 4.5 mg of LDN also. It works well but everyonce in a while I won't take it for a night and then I will feel better and start again the next day. Some days it helps with pain and others it does not. I don't think that is a function of LDN. I think it is all inflammation and substance P in my spinal fluid. Never had it checked. I don't need to. Good Luck Inester7!

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