Handicapped Parking and Nosey People

This just made me so mad today.

First of all, I have been deadly sick for a week with some kind of stomach flu. I'm really, really sick. Fever, dizzy, nausea, upset stomach, fatigue of death. At one point, I thought it had also given me a UTI, but that got better. So, I have no one to help me and I had to go to the store to get stuff. I finally drag myself there and back, and when I get home, this jerk comes over to my car to make sure I have my handicapped parking plaque up. Just some guy that lives in the building. He's not security, he's not on staff, just a nosey tenant. And I was just so mad. It's none of anyone's business if we have to use a handicapped parking plaque and a handicapped spot. I am a thousand times more physically ill than most of the elderly people in my building. None of them are sick like this. They can all go to daily senior center activities, field trips, all kinds of stuff. Me, I'm so deadly ill. I've started to have heart problems again. The doctor wants to send me to the cardiologist. I've got crippling Lyme disease arthritis in my back and hips to where I'm scared I won't be able to walk or stand in the near future. The list just goes on and on with how physically ill I am. And just because I don't look sick, someone thinks they have the right to see if I have a handicapped plaque up. UGH!

I'd like to put in giant letters on the hood of my car, "What does sick look like? I'm sorry I don't look sick enough for everyone. I didn't choose to not look sick with my disease. Why don't you ask God to make us look like Night of the Living Dead. Maybe that would make you all happy?"

I'm just so sick of it. People should mind their own business and stop judging us because we don't look sick and they think we're too young to be sick, too. I can't tell you how many older people I've met that tell me they just "know" that all the younger people are faking it to get disability benefits. OMG, no, no one is faking it. And why would you want a tiny below poverty level amount of money and be stuck in the house all day. I even wished I was well enough to work in the foodstore I just shopped at. People just don't get it. We want to work, we cannot work because we are too sick and in too much pain.


Thumbs up. Totally agree. Someone once told me that I should use a cane. I was so angry. I don't need a cane and why should I use it to convey that I am sick. I am. All you need to have is me telling you, "I am not well. I am most ill." If someone doesn't believe it, that's on them.
Im kind of the opposite and like it when members of the public care enough to check to make sure those who arent disabled arent using all the disabled parks and hence then leaving the disabled without them.

I used to have so much issue with my disabled daughter with not being able to find disabled parks cause of healthies abusing things, this situation used to force her to have her to use the wheelchair more then she would of done otherwise or would force me to have to carry a school aged child.
(without looking to see who has a pass up and who hasnt.. of cause one dont know the others situation).

What really annoys me is how hard it is for those with ME to sometimes be able to get disability permits due to the up and down nature of our illness.

sending you some **hugz**
It doesn't sound like he was implying you weren't disabled, or challenging your need for the permit, he was just checking that you were using the spot rightfully. As you put it he was checking that you had a plaque, not questioning your diagnoses. If that's the case then he's on your side, he's looking out for you and others who need to use those spaces and suffer when someone parks in them illegally.

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