Flaring badly tonight. And my loud neighbors and this disease do not mix. They finally turned their junk off. I live in an apartment and for the last month, my neighbors have decided to blast their tv through my bedroom wall. I asked them nicely to please stop doing it about a week and a half ago, they didn't. Nothing changed. They simply do not care if they wake me up or if I can't sleep from it. I've been considering going to management here about it. I'm just not sure if they can do anything because these people are pretty crafty about the timing. They do it day and night, but turn it off usually before ten at night. So I lose use of my bedroom for almost twelve hours a day unless I blast music to cover it and I'm sound sensitive, so the music hurts me. All noise hurts me. I've actually had to resort to wearing earplugs if I want to sleep earlier. It's unfair, annoying, and they just don't care.

So, massive flare tonight. Light hurts, sounds hurt, I hurt all over, I'm just dying. I was hoping to go to the store tomorrow, but we'll see. I had planned on going today, but I was too sick. And the right gland in my neck is swollen and killing me. I've had trouble with that glad since the 80's. It blows up and I get an earache from it.

I wanted to go to sleep over an hour ago, but the neighbors were being too loud. And now they've flared me up worse, so I'll be up for awhile in pain. I swear, I belong living on a deserted island with just my cat.


Carrigon I can certainly relate to what you say. I am so sorry. I hate other people's noise and I also live in an apartment. My neighbor downstairs got a new drum on Christmas night- and he likes to practice just below my bedroom. I haven't mentioned the dog that likes to howl some days, usually when the same neighbor goes to work.

I wish your problem gets solved- i am not totally sure how unfortunately. But my thoughts are with you.
They finally turned it off at a quarter to ten. But I had wanted to go to sleep about eight thirty, so they kept me up longer and made me feel worse physically. The management here might try to help if I ask. I just hate the thought of having to bring them into it. But it's horrible. People don't understand that when you are physically ill, you might have to sleep alot more or earlier. And it's just so inconsiderate. They know we share a bedroom wall. And they don't have to make it that loud. I don't know weather they moved it closer to the wall in the past month or are just plain blasting it louder, but it's only been the last month. They don't seem to care if I blast music back at their wall either. I've tried. I've actually put loud stuff directly at their wall and left the room. They either have their stuff up too loud to hear it or they just don't care.

Noise is such a horrible problem, particularly when you're sound sensitive. No one understands unless they have it. All sounds hurt me very badly. I actually have to make the tv low, can rarely listen to music. So for me to have to make something louder because of these people, it's actually causing me physical pain. It's just awful. And I don't want to be the one getting a noise complaint because I have to blast stuff because of them. That's why I might have to go to management about it.
i lived in an appt for a while, so i can relate. i don't miss that expierence at all! thak god i have peaceful neighbors, thier not real friendly but hey thier quiet.
i so wish we all lived closer to the others here on the board. seems like were all spread out across the miles:(
my cousin has fibro/diabetes/thyroid disease/ RA. and a lot more i cant think of at the moment. she is 40 miles from me, but when we really really need something
chances are we can try & help each other.
if i were you i'd quietly go to management. Maybe they could move them to a different part of the building if they dont tone it down. It' hard enough to find peace, its unfair you can't have it in your home.
{{Hugs}} and feel better

you have my deepest sympathy. I too know what noisy neighbours can do to destroy your peace & sleep routine. Luckily, my current neighbours in my block of flats are very quiet.

But the continuous yapping of that little, spoilt dog next door (about 10 feet from my lounge & bedroom windows) drives me up the wall. It used to yap all day & night, but now is a little better. But it does start at about 10.30pm when I go to bed & sometimes keeps it up until midnight. :Retro mad:

I have been around there to complain twice last year.

They are very nice people next door, but their rental contract doesn't allow them to have their "dear, little, spoilt" brat inside the house, so I must put up with it yapping near my space.
Carrigon - my eyes kept reading the title as farting, instead of flaring - so glad when I finally realized what it really said:Retro tongue:
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time. Your body is rebelling against cleaning the snow off your car no doubt.

It's amazing how damaging it can be not to be able to rest or sleep when you need to. And all noises are amplified so during a flare. I'm so glad the Vitamin D and Naproxen are proving helpful for your crashes and hope this one will be short.

Wishing you quiet times,
Lily:Retro smile:
Neighbors were annoying tonight, but not as bad as they have been. I watched a movie, but could still kind of hear them a bit anyway. But it's been worse. I think they finally turned it all off so I can sleep.

I'm flaring massively tonight, but I definitely do have more stamina with the Vitamin D. Naproxen always helped me over the years, but I can rarely take it because of the acid reflux. I actually think it may have caused the reflux to begin with. I think NSAIDS permanently damage the digestive system. But unfortunately, they do help with the pain when you need them.

It's going to snow here again. Monday and Tuesday. Then they said Saturday, Sunday, more snow. It's like never ending. I'm stocked up now, though. I have an appointment on Friday, but beyond that, I can stay in and rest.
Carrigon I have been through all of this and more. I kept a diary, rang the police, contacted the management. This is your life Carrigon, these people have no right to behave like this.
May I suggest that you don't play loud music in retaliation. These people don't care about you or your illness, they just care about themselves. It will make no difference and give them an excuse in continuing to behave in the way they do.
Contact management, show them your diary notes, ask for a move, tell them about your illness and how its affecting you. This is real tough on you because you don't have any energy, but for your long term health and sanity you have to find a way out of this.

Good luck and sympathy, Mark
THat's such a stressor! Wow. I hope you can get out of there - even though moving can be so difficult - and find a place that is quiet, quiet, quiet. Good luck!
I'm stuck here, can't move. I was forced to spend down my money just to get my benefits back. Totally stuck. I can ask management to step in and speak to them, though. I've just been reluctant because I could have far worse neighbors than these. At least these have no screaming kids and they do seem to go to sleep by nine thirty lately, it's never been later than eleven. Today, they went out till about three thirty this afternoon. I really think they have no clue how bad the wall is. I hear them on the phone, I hear them give account numbers on the phone. That wall is bad. I don't take or make phone calls in that room because of it.

Katie, I can't take Omeprozole. Awful drug. After about five months on it, I started to get severe hip pain and then I found out it can cause hip fractures. I'd never take that again. My doctor's office is fighting with my insurance to try to get them to pay for Aciphex because it was the only one that agreed with me. My insurance is still giving them a hard time.
The neighbors woke me up all night, so now I have real ammunition to go to the management about. I don't know what they were doing, loud talking from 2am to 3am, but it was louder than my white noise I use to sleep. I heard their voices when I shut it off, but then they stopped. Yeah, now that I'm awake, right. Now I can get them. If I had just gone to management about their loud tv, they would have said it wasn't really past ten pm, which is in the lease, but being loud any later than that, then they do something. The whole thing is, whenever I can actually get over to the office. It hasn't been safe with the snow to walk over there and we are going to get more snow. I hate this winter. If the weather had been okay, I would have gone already.

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