Dr Bell's January 2010 XMRV lecture - full transcription part 2 of 2

Freeprisoner, you did this all by yourself? Thank you!


Thank you, freeprisoner! Wonderful job of transcription for us. I'm so hopeful I can't stand myself!
Wow, what a lot of effort that must have taken. Thank you! It's great to have this in written form.
Thanks for you hard work... again!

I love the word "gnosteria".... know I can use it when I get lost in a conversation or whatever I'm trying to do and someone makes fun of me!

Let them look it up... (And if you made the word up, so much the better) :tongue:
Hi, I know this is late but the mysterious place in Finland... Is a place in New Zealand, Tapanui. An outbreak there meant it was known for a long time as Tapanui Flu in NZ.

Thanks for lovely transcription
An excellent overview, but frustrating that the view is this will take 5 years. Certainly if we continue to let the research proceed randomly, it will take at least that.

Surely there's a more systematic way of going about this to get some conclusions in a shorter timeframe?

If there are any researchers out there interested in a different approach (managing the science and adding some innovation, some knowledge and wisdom), then please let me know - write to my personal e-mail please.


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