Kefir For ME/CFS?- Study suggests promising results

"Advocate, I'd like some of yours too if you're reading this."

Hi Jen,

Sure. I'll contact you privately, and make arrangements to send you some. I sent some to Angel, and they survived and are apparently thriving. (She sent me some excellent photos.)

I take good care of my grains and they are really healthy. I put a couple of spoonfuls in milk in a brown glass bottle and screwed the lid tightly before I mailed them to Angel. Dumb. I forgot that they expand as they "eat," so when Angel received the grains they had loosened the lid and wet the entire package.

Here at home, I ferment them in a quart jar with a piece of plastic wrap sitting loosely on the top.

Glad to see you're on this list! I'm slowly catching on to how to navigate the website.



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