Detox Bath #2 (Why do I torture Myself again?)

Why does everything have to be sooo hard w this disease! I was taking a bath and felt miserable. I used to enjoy baths, It was one of the top 10 things in life that made me happy.I mean really happy, I could feel completely at peace and blissful with baths.

I got HR in 125 to 130 during the bath. I put ice on forehead and helped some but overall while I was on the Tub I was wondering why I keep torturing myself with things that are suppose to be good for me but feel so wrong when I do them, like hmmm Detox baths and exercise.

As of today, I am rethinking this whole self torture strategy of mine!!!


I've been doing different versions of detox baths and even after years - I have difficulty! You are not alone :) and I personally don't believe in too much torture - just enough torture :)

And I loved baths - they were my personal paradise too. Now they must not be too hot to be enjoyed. Finding the right and perfect mix is a challenge but I am up to it!

I never sweated either but after doing saunas for a while - I now sweat. And sometimes - even my face which never used to sweat EVER. Re the baths: I don't like how I feel when I am too hot and detoxing. A hot bath without added ingredients? Much easier. I don't make it as long as I should - I end up jumping out. But slowly it goes.....

Hope you begin to enjoy them again soon.
Thank you for the input, so I know I am not alone w torture / benefits balance. Will lower bath temperature and see how it goes.

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