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Cracked a rib - COVID Day 14


A friend of my daughters broke his rib yesterday, sneezing.

He was twisted, at the waist, and then sneezed, somehow zapping his own rib in a freak accident.

I pulled something last year rib-wise (twisting, lifting my granddaughter from the tub) and I hugely regretted that.

Sympathy! And don't watch any comedy shows!
Oh, those ribs can give a lot of trouble. Sneezing should be done facing forward and not having the loudest sneeze on record.

Sadly, I learned about sneezing the hard way. So you're right....just be prepared for pain for a long time. Perhaps you're a fast healer though....and that would be wonderful. At least it will finally heal. Yours, Lenora
@Rufous McKinney oh wow on friend! Another doc thinks its the muscles. Guess if it takes 2-3 weeks its muscke 4-6 weeks bone.

@lenora havent been a fast healer for a long time. I did not injure mine sneezing- just coughing

Assuming its from that and not related to my heart symptoms. Supposedly the sore spots on palpapitiin make them think coughing injury

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