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Chronic Infections: Part 3

I will open with another passage of Stephen Buhner's book on Lyme and co-infections (bartonella, Epstein Barr virus, coxackie, babesia etc) ....

"Lyme and its co-infections, instead of being thought of as they commonly are, should more properly be understood to be a closely cooperating group of stealth pathogens, what some researchers are calling second generation pathogens. That is because they are very different than the bacteria (first generation pathogens) for which antibiotics were created in the latter half of the 20th century.....

We are at a time in the history of the human species (and technological medicine) when these diseases are beginning to take a more prominent role. They are harder to treat than old bacterial infections (such as staph), cause a wide variety of chronic diseases, the infections are often long term - people are sometimes infected for years or decades, and they are common factors in the development of majot chronic diseases....over the coming decades, we will be seeing the emergence of more of these kinds of stealth pathogens> its time for our approaches and understandings to become more sophisticated.

One of the most important understandings now facing us is accepting the limits of pharmaceuticals in the treatment of many of these emerging diseases. While antibiotics still do have a role, sometimes a very important one, they can no longer be relied on to provide the sole response to these kinds of infections as they spread through the human population. We have to approach treatment with a more sophisticated eye.

There are two important aspects to this. The first is realizing that single treatment approaches, most of which were developed out of an inaccurate 19th and early 20th century paradigm and were based on identifying the bacterial pathogen involved and then using a drug to kill it (i.e. monotherapy), are going to have to be abandoned as the primary method of treating these kinds of diseases.

The second is coming to understand just what the bacteria do in the body and then designing a treatment protocol that is specific in counteracting it. In essence, this means designing treatment protocols that address bacterial cytokine cascades , the particular health or non health of the persons immune system and the specific symptom picture reducing their quality of life....

Most hosts, including humans, are simultaneously or sequentially infected by several parasites....Indeed effects are typically of greater magnitude, and explain more variation in infection risk, than the effects associated with host and environmental factors more commonly considered in disease studies. We highlight the danger of mistaken inference when considering parasite species in isolation rather than parasite communities. Single parasite communities may yield incorrect or incomplete conclusions. Nonetheless, most epidemiological studies, in animals and humans, still focus on single species."

In essence, after many, many years of therapies, surgeries, pharmaceuticals, herbs, homeopathy and many other eastern and western medicine treatments at MANY different names of what my situation has been called....i have found that my body mostly rejects pharmaceuticals at this point or after so many years of antibiotics, the infections return harder and harder course after course for me. This was a terrifying realization in 2017 as my world slipped away. If you've followed my journey a bit on here, i still haven't gone into extensive detail of what occurred in 2020 to me, but i was dying. Very clearly. The only reason i am still here is because of vitamins and plants. I don't know how far this continues on for me. No idea how reversible this level of chaos is in the body but i do know that plants are much more effective than any of us are taught. I did alot of herbs and eastern medicine in 2009-2012, but i do not think i fully realized the intelligence of these systems. I also still had much fear in me. I was wanting to listen to my doctors to help me come on the other side of this. But, something beautiful happens when everything 'fails', you are forced to see things from another script....or become despondent...or both. I've certainly danced with all the above.

I will not detail my exact regimen as all too often people want to try what they read somewhere. This is really a process unique to each of us though. We each have a different island of microbes and traumas and so on that make each of our terrains different from the next. If you get anything out of this blog series, i hope that its my encouragement to listen within more, its ok to. Its also ok to seek guidance but part of what humanity is missing on the whole is we've given our power away for far, far too long. These diseases are forcing us to reclaim our sovereignity and our inner voices. Its truly one of the silver linings even though we are not always able to see or feel this. Thats ok too.

I will close with one last passage from Stephen Buhner's book:

"The herbal protocol you develop is similar to a bouquet of flowers. When combined, it becomes a unique entity possesiing specific effects. Slight modulation of the herbs produces an entirely different entity, with, sometimes, substantially different effects. The only way to get there is to FEEL your way to it. You may begin with an analytical understanding of what is happening and what you are creating, but once the protocol is generate for this specific person, it is mostly feeling that gets you there, not thinking. .... Once you have a sense of these, you can begin to subtly modulate the process. It is a CONVERSATION not a monologue you are engaged in. You use the herbs to respond to what you are being told, the body and the organisms respond, and you take in and interpret what they are saying and then generate a new response."

Ps. I don't have the energy or capacity to use citations for each page etc. If you should be interested, the bok i'm quoting is "Healing Lyme:The Natural Healing of Lyme Borreliosis and the Coinfections Chlamydia and Spotted Fever Rickettsioses" although i greatly appreciate multiple books of his and highly recommend.

I have decide to do a section on Cytokine Cascades since so many of us deal with mast cell and histamine issues and then also one on SOME of the herbs he discusses as potentially beneficial in certain sections.

Be well Phoenix Rising community. :star:
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