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CFS symptoms start to return - COVID Day 13

Last night i was it hing and scratching and realized was the first time since covid! So for 12 days i was not itching at all!

Was it that my immune system was too busy? Was it that without eating or going put for a week there was no allergens??

One oher thing returned- first time in 12 days my tendon was hurting. Elbow from holding up phone.

So i think my usual cfs immune over reactivity connective tissue problem was just absent as my body was dealing with the bigger threat.


yeah: that.

I noticed a bit similar thing when I got my last severe gastro event. (and it's been similar to past events). For about a week, after my stomach whigs out, I have very few direct ME symptoms and digestion is generally pretty good. That occurs from the starving my gut as I can't eat much for about 5 days.

Than it like it reverts back. So the immune system does something when it gets busy on other things.

I do get awful intense ME symptoms DURING acute events with other crap. Like AIR HUNGeR is one of my worst symptoms (gasping, like a fish out of water). Thats inflammatory. If I take something that reduces inflaming, air hunger reduces also. ALSO I got intense Mast Cell angiodema.

a type of itch!
@Rufous McKinney i guess its like others report feeling normal when sick. Ive had much less reactivity. This morning i poked myself in the eye with my mask. Usually that would hurt continuously for days. It stopped hurting after 5 minutes (tho perhaps will cone back)

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