Broken Glass and Shattered Dreams

To see the world through broken glass and shattered dreams.....

Having CFIDS/ME reminds me of the children's fairytale, The Little Mermaid. The little mermaid was told she could be human if only she would give up her voice and every single day of her life on land would be spent in severe pain. Every step she took would be a painful hellish agony.

Sometimes I wonder if I made a devil's bargain like that somewhere in time. Oh, you can be alive, but you won't be allowed to live or have a life. You won't be allowed to go anywhere or have friends or a career or really do anything in life that makes life worth living. But you will be alive. Every day will be spent in pain, and you'll get new horrible symptoms each and every day. No one will listen to you about it, therefore, your voice will be silenced. But you will be alive. You can watch everyone around you have a life, children, marriages, careers, vacations, social outings, but you can never participate in any of it. But you will be alive. You asked to be alive, I have granted your wish, you may see the world through broken glass and shattered dreams. But you will be alive.


Thanks Carrigon!

It's aways been the Little Mermaid that has resounded with me.

Being able to dance but with the sensation of dancing on broken glass.

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