Blame it on the brain fog. Right?

Ahh, some days ... :headslap::rofl:

Creative writers group meets at Taylor's Bake Shop 10:00 am every Saturday.
Support group for grief and a few other things meets at Taylor's Bake Shop 1:00 pm first and third Wednesdays.

Guess who arrived at 10am the third Wednesday ...

Blame it on the brain fog.


But ...

Didn't want to go back the 2 miles home so went and hung out at our little library.
Found in their book sale to raise money for furniture for new building soon being renovated and moved in to, a collectors edition copyright 1950 of Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe.

The paper this thing is printed on ...
Man, they sure don't make 'em like that any more ...

And C&R Grocery had the new issue of Model Railroader magazine.

So, today's dorkiness wasn't a total waste!
I can live with that.

Also went back to bake shop before group and got lunch.
Chicken salad sandwich, soda pop, not the superest bestest dietary choices with this disease, but oh lunch looked and tasted good!

And I can live with that, too.



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