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A Number of Hobbies Interrupted

Came across these about Autism on Wordpress today: posts about shutdowns, meltdowns, misdiagnosis, gaslighting. Note that I've seen a few places where my situation varies to some degree or another from the author's. https://autisticsciencelady.wordpress.com/2019/10/01/how-the-golden-rule-harms-autistic-people/ and https://autisticsciencelady.wordpress.com/2019/11/27/dear-autistic-kid-on-meltdowns-and-shame/ Third one...
A bit about language, not that anyone beyond this article's author, some people within the industry, twelve English teachers, five of us autistic geeks, and a pair of random readers, cares. https://drillers.com/fracking-vs-fracing-end-debate/ Once you have read the author's final word, come back and see the image below for my own final word on the topic, although to be technically accurate, it is someone else's words,
Just saw this, https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2019/12/26/Food-drug-additives-linked-to-allergies-in-small-study/4731577368303/ Hmm, interesting,
Internet friends in India I made while Google Plus was in existence report record cold in New Delhi. Now, understandably record cold there is different numbers from record cold here in central Missouri or in South Dakota, or Canada, and such places. But even though the numbers don't look any bit severe to us, it creates equal stresses on bodies acclimatized to very warm climates as do freezing temps here. A couple articles from email Mona sent today, Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion in...
Well, if I'm up at 01:36 on Christmas morning, might as well glue some model parts. Got this kit a while back & just ordered a 2nd one from a gift card my parents sent me for Christmas. It can build one of 2 versions, the passenger version and the cargo version. Important note is that it is molded in a different plastic from the typical styrene plastic model kit. And you would probably not be the least bit astonished to hear that the model building community makes good use of YouTube...
Here's a recent bit about storytelling from a YouTuber I follow.
Soyuz loads 2.jpg
People are interesting: right next to the documentation of what they said, they will say they didn't say that. I totally do not understand what system of logic is in play there. Or maybe my error is in expecting logic to be in play? Note that Scott FW is me :) same HO scale Western Maryland locomotive cab profile picture.
Will have to admit this is a thing I hadn't ever thought about. Why the Next Lunar Astronauts May Have to Worry About Electric Shocks JoAnna Wendel Yesterday 5:13PM https://gizmodo.com/why-the-next-lunar-astronauts-may-have-to-worry-about-e-1840489049 Learned of that article via, https://futurism.com/the-byte/moons-surface-electrocute-astronauts
For your information and entertainment we now present "The Actual Reason Why Ice is Slippery" by It's Okay To Be Smart
Oh, and while we're talking about trains, note the little bitty 1 inch wheel flange that keeps all those hundreds of thousands of tons of trains on the rails.

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