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Well, if I'm up at 01:36 on Christmas morning, might as well glue some model parts.

Well, if I'm up at 01:36 on Christmas morning, might as well glue some model parts.
Got this kit a while back & just ordered a 2nd one from a gift card my parents sent me for Christmas.
It can build one of 2 versions, the passenger version and the cargo version.
Important note is that it is molded in a different plastic from the typical styrene plastic model kit.

And you would probably not be the least bit astonished to hear that the model building community makes good use of YouTube.

Okay, video should, as in, well, it is supposed to, go directly to the relevant section of his video where I'm starting on my kit,


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Oh, and from a very interesting, and quite large now, website, http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/spaceageposter.php
When I was a little boy, my parents gave me a poster called "Space Age." I cherished it, studying all the many spaceships pictured on it. The poster came out in 1959. There are some notes on the poster here. Note that the labels next to the spaceships are white letters on a blue background. The only identifying information on it is: Copyright 1959 Educational Posters #117 "Space Age". The poster is signed, but nobody seems to be able to make out the scribble. For many people the poster sticks in their mind.

In the New York Mirror Magazine April 28 1963, the poster art was re-used in an article entitled "U.S. Space Hardware —Today and Tomorrow" by Fred Dickenson. There is a lo-res version of the article artwork here. You will note that in this version the labels next to the spaceships are white letters in a black box.

No, I do not know where to get a copy, I'm trying to find one myself. The poster is difficult to do a web search for, since search terms like "space age" and "educational posters" are so generic.

However, now that have learned much in the decades since I had that poster, I can recognize all the spaceships that "inspired" the artist.

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