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A Number of Hobbies Interrupted

Splurged on a LEGO set. I'm not entirely sure why it is the price it is, thirty-six dollars, maybe because it uses a large percentage of specially shaped parts other than basic rectangular blocks. It isn't built yet, might take me a few days. And it didn't get started on when I got it home yesterday, too much fatigue from running a couple errands and then doing a couple activities like as if I was still healthy. Building models has been a hobby since I was 5 years old, over half a...
A new grief support group my friend Liz's church started was indeed worth going to Wednesday. It also is in same place, the meeting room in a local bake shop, where on Saturday mornings we have creative writers group, which Liz is moderator of after Judy died in June. Then I went to library and made 2 pages progress on my sci-fi/fantasy book I have slooooooooooowly playing at writing and occasionally rewriting since 8th or 9th grade in the 1970s. Had taken the old blue fabric loose leaf...

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