new grief support group was indeed worth going to Wednesday

A new grief support group my friend Liz's church started was indeed worth going to Wednesday.
It also is in same place, the meeting room in a local bake shop, where on Saturday mornings we have creative writers group, which Liz is moderator of after Judy died in June.

Then I went to library and made 2 pages progress on my sci-fi/fantasy book I have slooooooooooowly playing at writing and occasionally rewriting since 8th or 9th grade in the 1970s.

Had taken the old blue fabric loose leaf manuscript binder so as to copy a scene from about 1/2 way point which I'd not yet gotten in to the laptop my parents gave me a couple Christmases ago.


Are a number of more pages to go with it, but I got 2 done!

At home I would have had to clear off the table to have enough room to work and that would have used up me energy to do the writing.

Also, at group, they indulged me in my reading a short 1 page section of a scene where 2 of my characters are talking about losses and their grief.

They said the scene worked and was pretty good!


It's good to have the grief support group. I do think being able to talk to others in the right setting helps a lot with grief. It is such a painful thing to come to terms with.

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