Splurged on a LEGO set

Splurged on a LEGO set. I'm not entirely sure why it is the price it is, thirty-six dollars, maybe because it uses a large percentage of specially shaped parts other than basic rectangular blocks.
It isn't built yet, might take me a few days.
And it didn't get started on when I got it home yesterday, too much fatigue from running a couple errands and then doing a couple activities like as if I was still healthy.


Building models has been a hobby since I was 5 years old, over half a century ago.
Typical subjects have been; airplanes, both static models and flying models, army tanks, historical and sci-fi game miniatures, flying model rockets, and trains.

But these days sometimes the concentration required for precision assembly, and/or the similar level of concentration required for the painting & finishing work, is just too much for me to do. At other times, my body isn't good for it.
Additionally, there are problems with my hands which are not from CFS/ME.

So, when I'm not good for regular model kits or scratchbuilds, LEGO comes to the rescue!
And it can also be, just because it's LEGO!
And speaking of regular model kits, that International Space Station kit by Revell of Germany is so totally not a one-afternoon project!
Ends up 75cm, 30 inches, wide when done, and that's with the people being 1/2 inch, 12.5mm, tall.
Those solar panels at ends of truss are each about the size of a Boeing 747's wing.
See second photo, which has fuselage half and a wing from the 747 which carried the Space Shuttles, a Space Station solar panel part, some people, and a Lockheed Constellation propellor driven airliner from the 1940s and 1950s, a "Propliner" as to the Boeing 747 "Jetliner". All are to same scale of 1/144.
Computer keyboard and mouse provide size reference for actual size of models.


Yeah, I'll put this in, all the Space Station parts, plus a couple of 747 parts laid out on my bed.
The model is so big and spindly it has an aluminum frame to put inside it here in Earth surface 1G gravity.


It would be cool if my place looked like a combination library and museum, but with my health the mess it is, my place is mostly clutter.
Oh well, it is what it is.
And it is home.
My home.


This is fantastic. I am sure there will be much pleasure and fun as well as dexterity and mental acuity involved which will be a good creative thing to do !

Oh....I am taken back in time....I used to ADORE Lego. And nowadays it is much more exciting than it was in my childhood.

I could happily make creations with Lego now. But I blew my budget a couple of weeks ago by buying 12 full priced books of a certain series I was interested in....plus two massive grocery shopping bills (to prep. in case the UK Brexit hits food supplies here.):(
So can't buy much else at the moment.

When you have created something, I hope you will post a picture...? :thumbsup:
Hey there!
buying 12 full priced books of a certain series I was interested in
Speaking of splurging on book series, and the UK, in May, June, and July, I broke my budget buying Haynes "Workshop Manual" books relevant to the Apollo Program; and, the International Space Station, including Soyuz.
The Lunar Rover one in particular was quite informative.
IMG_8671.JPG IMG_8672.JPG IMG_8687.JPG IMG_8688.JPG

Airfix also is reissuing its Apollo model kits and figure sets, so far the 1/76 soft plastic Astronauts have been released, the 1/144 Saturn V is running late.

In July I finally painted some guys from a set I've had for around 20 years.
Also got the gal who runs the little bake shop our creative writers group meets at to do a small and simple "full moon" cake & put the guys on it.

I then 'broke my energy budget' hauling a bunch of my space books to meeting on the 20th & did a little 5 minute ramble about the Apollo Program.
And ... it turned out 3 members had connections to the space program & one fellow, a retired USN Captain, even worked with Neil Armstrong for a couple weeks in some kind of pseudo-civilian setting.

The morning was a lot of fun, am quite happy with having used up a couple days' worth of spoons for it and paid that price!

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