Another Soldier Down

My aunt in NY, she's kind of a step aunt, not blood related. She officially has CFIDS now. She was suffering from POTS for a long time to the point of falling down the stairs a few times from the lightheadedness and blood pressure drops. And we saw the fatigue in her for a long time. She's housebound and mostly bedridden.

She called me tonight very, very sick. Now she has the swollen glands and the ear ache and the sore throat and a million other problems. And I felt so bad for her. The doctor doesn't know what to do other than give antibiotics in case the throat thing is strep. They really don't do much more. Throw pain pills at her.

The early years of this disease, I had the throat and ear thing alot. Mostly, throughout the mid 80's till the mid 90's I had that with the throat and the ear. And then for some reason, that pretty much stopped. I still get swollen glands, but I haven't had the severe major thing like the feeling of the hot poker in your ear for a very long time.

I just wish this wasn't still going on. And people weren't still getting sick with this. All these years later and there is no prevention and no real treatment.


I hadn'nt really thought about people still getting this. As a long time sufferer, I wrongly assumed it wasn't happening that much anymore. It's sad to think probably every day somewhere around the world, somebody is starting on this horrible journey. Hopefully their journey will be a short one.
I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt and to know that people are still getting sick... it is so sad that after 20-30 years there is still nothing new that the medical community can offer. It is also so terrible to hear of so many children and teens getting this disease as well.
There is something really disconcerting about this blog; not your writing, just the idea like others have mentioned. Watching this happen to someone else has to be something like watching your child make the decision to sign up to serve the country. You don't know the outcome, you only know that everything will be changed forever and they will be lucky to come out of it alive.

It does bring up that nasty subject of politics as well. How can we still have nothing (really) to offer someone getting CFIDS now than we did 20 years ago? How few illnesses, if any, can say that? How does this even line up with the basic moral concepts that underlie our medical system?

Your aunt is lucky to have someone who she can talk to about it though, and hopefully she won't have to go through years of self-doubt and total isolation. Maybe that's the only thing we can change for the moment...
I could give you many reasons why this is being covered up and nothing is being done. But then all I get are a bunch of people labeling me a conspiracy theorist. So what I will say is this. To anyone reading this who is sick and tired of the games the government is playing with our health, our lives, our basic human rights. There is a place you can join. Even if all you can do is help make a flyer and pass it out.
Stop being a sheeple and do something about it.

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