And Crash I did!

As some were worried about, I did crash with exercising. I have been kind of crashed for a few days but not too bad, just incapable of producing energy but other symptoms are tolerable. Having some mood swings but I think is the sleep med withdraw.

I quit the temazepan that I used to fall sleep. I am still on trazadone 100mg to stay sleep but I am waking up about 4 to 5 times a night so not sure if it is working. I asked to change manufacturers (PLIVA) and see if I get better benefits with another manufacturer. If that doesn't work, I will go back to GP to change strategies.

I see electrophisiologyst tomorrow, dreading a new Dr and educating about cfs again. My disability benefits are suspended tomorrow too, until I get evaluated for this Dr and he thinks that I am disabled.

The head/brain feels very tender, like I was acid burned. Been taking Ibuprofen. Overall feeling decent.


If you havent done so already.. you could try something like melatonin with also doxylamine succinate (over antihistamine counter sleep aid) at the same time. Dont take doxylamine succinate thou every day as one can build up tollerance to it.

If you have IBS-C avoid trialing amptriplymine for sleep as it slows down the bowel peristalis and could lead to permanent damage to this area if one then develops a prolapse due to its effects.

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