1. PallasKat

    Side effects from Famciclovir ?

    Hello Everyone~ I haven't posted for a LONG TIME. I recently started on Famciclovir after finding out I that I have high levels of EBV. I have had ME/CFS/Fibro for approximately 10 years. I am taking 500 mg daily, it's been about 3 weeks. I am having trouble figuring out if these are actual...
  2. Hip

    Might the Marshall Protocol be an effective treatment for EBV ME/CFS, but not other forms of ME/CFS linked to other viruses?

    The Marshall Protocol devised by Professor Trevor Marshall is designed to treat chronic diseases such as sarcoidosis, ME/CFS and several other illnesses. Trevor Marshall proposed that these diseases are all caused by L-form bacteria which create an intracellular infection inside cells. Trevor...
  3. M

    Help with understanding EBV acute infection antibodies test?!

    Can someone help me understand the purpose of an EBV acute infection antibodies test and also how to interpret it (or point me towards a good resource). I sort of new to this so trying to learn and understand better. The four categories of the test that I have done are EBV Ab VCA, IgM EBV...
  4. gbells

    Giving Infectious Disease MDs one more try (no 3). The Lupus vs SEIDs Saga

    I thought I'd throw this experience out there. Yesterday I drove one hour to a remote infectious disease MD outside of the Raleigh Durham triangle (NC). The MD accepted Medicare (my insurance) and was recommended by a lyme disease group. I had previously seen infectious disease doctors at...
  5. gbells

    SEIDS patients, What viruses have you tested positive for?

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