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  1. wherearemypillows

    Thoughts on long-term COVID consequences, including ME/CFS possibility?

    At first I was being extra careful to take precautions due to being immunocompromised by Rituximab, but in the past few weeks I've become more and more alarmed by reports of long-term coronavirus consequences. The extreme fatigue and cognitive decline being suffered by some COVID "long-haulers"...
  2. Jody

    Where ME/CFS, BLM and COVID Meet

    Where ME/CFS, BLM and COVID Meet by Jody Smith Lots of restrictions hamper us who live with ME/CFS. Yet many of us long to be able to take action during this heightened era of the Black Lives Matter movement. Things are further complicated by the fact that this is happening smack in the middle...
  3. PatJ

    A pulse oximeter can detect early signs of Covid pneumonia

    This article on the New York Times explains how a pulse oximeter is an important tool for monitoring the health of covid patients, and even for people who didn't realize they were infected: The infection that's silently killing Coronavirus patients. Here are some extracts from the article. I've...
  4. roller

    covid19 - the environmental factors for virus

    the temperature, the "weather", clouds, rain, return to the soil and right into our freshwater supplies ... everything can spread and contribute to virus survival - but also destroy it... makes wonder, if "the normal social interaction" is even the least successful vehicle for a virus...