1. M

    Long Hauler trying to prepare for a 24h urine test

    Hello MCAS folks, I am a Covid Long-Hauler. For a while I have been wondering if what I am experiencing is part of MCAS, given that is the case with many other suffering post-Covid. I DO NOT have the typical symptoms like hives, swelling, low blood pressure, syncope, diarrhea. I DO have...
  2. Hip

    Survey suggests post-viral fatigue form of long COVID might be the most common subtype

    In the COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project Facebook group, I posted a poll asking members of that group which subtype of long COVID they most identify with. Long COVID subtypes include: post-viral fatigue (similar or the same as ME/CFS), heart and/or lung damage (which may be permanent) and...
  3. Hipsman

    New drug that "hunts" for specific virus in cells and then destroys these cells.

    Thought this was interesting because they say it can be "tuned" to hunt for any specific virus, not just covid. Also they say it will be on the market in 2 years if everything goes to plan. This is their paper on it I think...
  4. Hipsman

    Long Covid is a missed opportunity to show that vaccines are important even for those who think that if they get covid - it will be mild.

    Title says it all. Some think that if they are healthy in their 20s, then they don’t need the vaccine, because it will be like another cold for them. Most of long haulers had mild covid, so it would be a good argument for officials to make on why it’s important to take the vaccine even for the...
  5. V

    Women and Covid vaccine

    Ths was part of a story on why women are getting more side effects than men from the vaccine. They also get Covid Arm more often (95 percent of which are from Moderna apparently) . One unexplained thing tho is why women account for 65 percent of brewkthrough infection Greater immune response...
  6. gbells

    My Concerns about the Coronavirus-19 vaccines

    I just had a discussion with my pharmacist about the coronavirus vaccines. I have concerns about the cost to benefit of the vaccines and the possibility of vaccine contamination that might injure patients. It has been discovered that asian countries have a very low covid death rate of around...
  7. MaxHope

    New Covid drug (Allocetra) rebalances immune reaction caused by infection

    Wondering if this Isreali covid drug would be beneficial to those with ME/CFS. Sounds like it balances the immune issues caused by the infection. Given Prusty's (and others) research on infectious diseases causing ME/CFS symptoms, perhaps it might be worth looking into. I don't know if this...
  8. gbells

    Covid causes autoimmune disease in susceptible people

    A lot of people are interested in coronavirus-19 information so here's a story about research showing that after infection with covid susceptible people (10%-15% of the population) develop autoimmune disease from autoantibodies...
  9. D.Rabbie

    Post-covid 19 syndrome

    Hey everyone, I want to know if some of you had a run with covid-19 and ended up with post-covid 19 syndrome (which I really think is CFS). I want to know if you have seen any recovery naturally over the months. I can work only for 3 hours a day before I get fatigued now and I've had covid-19...
  10. Pyrrhus

    Long Covid: Summary of discussions

    Long Covid: A summary of discussions on Phoenix Rising So remember back in January when we were all wondering if the novel coronavirus might result in an ME/CFS-like condition? Well, I thought I would start a thread to collect together all the discussions that might be relevant to "Long...
  11. Pyrrhus

    CNN: Redefining Covid-19: Months after infection, patients report breathing difficulty, excessive fatigue A good piece written by Ryan Prior, an ME patient who works for CNN: Excerpt:
  12. Pyrrhus

    STAT: Seeking the causes of post-Covid symptoms, researchers dust off data on college students with mononucleosis

    For those of you unfamiliar with STAT, it's a website geared towards the medical community. They just published a piece by David Tuller, the academic who wrote the PACE expose: Excerpt:
  13. wherearemypillows

    Thoughts on long-term COVID consequences, including ME/CFS possibility?

    At first I was being extra careful to take precautions due to being immunocompromised by Rituximab, but in the past few weeks I've become more and more alarmed by reports of long-term coronavirus consequences. The extreme fatigue and cognitive decline being suffered by some COVID "long-haulers"...
  14. PatJ

    A pulse oximeter can detect early signs of Covid pneumonia

    This article on the New York Times explains how a pulse oximeter is an important tool for monitoring the health of covid patients, and even for people who didn't realize they were infected: The infection that's silently killing Coronavirus patients. Here are some extracts from the article. I've...
  15. roller

    covid19 - the environmental factors for virus

    the temperature, the "weather", clouds, rain, return to the soil and right into our freshwater supplies ... everything can spread and contribute to virus survival - but also destroy it... makes wonder, if "the normal social interaction" is even the least successful vehicle for a virus...