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  1. gbells

    Poll for SEIDs patients who had nagalase testing

    Answer this poll only if you had nagalase testing and did not have cancer at that time.
  2. gbells

    NIH Lead investigator promotes 'mental illness' theory of CFS

    NIH lead clinical investigator thinks CFS and fibro are somatoform https://www.meaction.net/2016/02/20/nih-lead-clinical-investigator-thinks-cfs-is-psychosomatic/ #MEAction via @meactnet
  3. A

    Sudden onset of leg and tooth pain - advice needed

    Hey Guys and girls Ive had cfs/Me for the past 13 years. It started with EBV and my symptoms have been pretty constant the past decade. Namely lots of fatigue - needing to lay down most the day / finding it hard to sit up for too long, head pressure, POTS, achiness.... 6 weeks ago I got sore...
  4. O

    Anyone's symptoms get worse after doing anything stress related?

    I want to here from people who experience PEM and what the resulting symptoms are from PEM.