Dr Michael Fitzpatrick fights back

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There was some discussion on a sibling forum about this article and its timing in relation to the NICE guideline debacle. It is likely part of a co-ordinated establishment push-back against the bio-medical realities of ME/CFS and long Covid, so more may follow from others.

The author has quite a history, sufficient to earn himself a page on LobbyWatch.

Warning: the below articles will also likely be offensive to anyone reading on this board: not just those with ME and their loved ones, but also PoC given some of the historical references.

An article in the Guardian from 2002
With a follow-up in Spiked-Online also from 2002

Gross. Insulting to patients generally ("ME activists" of course) as well as specifically to the Countess of Mar. Cheer yourselves up by re-reading the Countess's scorching letters (1 and 2) to Simon Wessely from 2012.
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Difficult to tell if this piece is about ME or about himself and how superior his own opinion is. He doesn't want to follow the scientific process. Who's fault must it be? Of course these "ME activists". Sure, they do this because they have no other hobbies - not because they actually suffer and are forced to do harmful therapies. Let's just willfully ignore this and reiterate how perfect and superior the psychological community is.

Let's argue for psychotherapy by mentioning how the body and mind are inseparable but at the same time, let's draw a black and white picture that this fatigue thing is purely psychological in nature because it can't be physiological because there's no prove (because no one looked for one back in 2002). Purely psychological disease can exist, purely physiological disease can not, what a double standard. Of course, his pure and only motivation is to help these patients, out of pure compassion. Because ME patients are the only patients he can help. There aren't any alternatives.