1. RyeRyeBread

    My Rheumatologist Prescribed Aquatic GET...

    [Long Post, beware lol] Just saw my first rheumatologist yesterday. Went pretty well, she seemed nice and there were minimal red flags.... Until she mentioned GET. I told her my symptoms, and told her my hunch that I had brought to my last Dr. (that i think its ME) before he very quickly...
  2. Apollonia

    Dr Michael Fitzpatrick fights back
  3. Countrygirl

    The new NICE Proposals for the Guidelines are up and SMC gives voice to the Deluded

    The new NICE proposals are up for comment.
  4. A

    Spanish Petition : Remove ME guidelines

    REMOVE GUIDELINES - Recently our Social Security has published a Medical Guideline which encompasses: Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chemical Multiple Sensitivity, Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Somatomorphic disorders...