1. Countrygirl

    NEW NICE GUIDELINES PUBLISHED 29th October 2021 Myalgic encephalomyelitis (or encephalopathy)/chronic fatigue syndrome: diagnosis and management In development [GID-NG10091]Expected publication date: 29 October 2021 Register as a stakeholder August 2021: NICE pauses publication of...
  2. nerd

    Editorial: Turning a Corner in ME/CFS Research

    Authors: Derek F. H. Pheby, Kenneth J. Friedman, Modra Murovska, Pawel Zalewski Published: 25 September 2021 doi: 10.3390/medicina57101012 Abstract
  3. nerd

    The ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ syndrome concept and the cognitive-behavioural treatment model

    Published: September 23, 2021 Authors: Michael J Scott, Joan S Crawford, Keith J Geraghty, David F Marks doi: 10.1177/13591053211038042 Abstract Conclusions
  4. Apollonia

    Dr Michael Fitzpatrick fights back
  5. Pyrrhus

    Steve Topple: The leak of NICE’s finalised ME guidelines exposes the ‘psych lobby’ scandal

    The leak of NICE’s finalised ME guidelines exposes the ‘psych lobby’ scandal Steve Topple is a journalist with The Canary. He is also co-organizing Monday's protest at...
  6. Countrygirl

    Barrister-Patient publishes the 'paused' NICE Guidelines Online Valerie Eliott-Smith, a barrister with ME posts the new 'paused' NICE guidelines for ME on her blog...
  7. Phoenix Rising Articles

    Article Science In The Age of Dogma: A Conversation with Dr. William Weir

    Science In The Age of Dogma: A Conversation with Dr. William Weir Dr. William Weir is a retired physician who has treated ME/CFS patients for many years. He has spent the last few years advising the U.K. government's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and has recently...
  8. Countrygirl

    The NICE Round Table Meeting to be postponed to October with the Royal Colleges' Prof Dame Carol Black as Chair

    The NICE Round Table is to be held on Friday 17th September. The 'independent chair' is Prof Dame Carol Black. Note her work for the DWP and views of illness and work. Although...
  9. Countrygirl

    NICE are NOT going to publish the new guidelines tomorrow

    NICE has put up a notice to say they are NOT going to publish the new guidelines as arranged as medical professionals who treat ME patients object to them. :cry::bang-head::bang-head...
  10. Celandine

    NICE pauses publication of new guidelines

    UNBELIEVABLE! Must have something to do with the info in the article @Countrygirl posted in another thread. The supposed threat that doctors won't abide by the new guidelines. Absolute insanity...
  11. Countrygirl

    The TImes, Sean O'Neill: Disputed therapies for myalgic encephalomyelitis abandoned

    The push-back has started! We have progressed from NICE vs patients 2007 to NICE vs the medical profession 2021 According to the article, the medical profession are considering rejecting the new guidelines as they are ignoring the needs of patients ( a typo perhaps? :whistle: ....don't...
  12. BrightCandle

    Dr Charlies Shepherd stands down from NICE guideline committee A few quotes to give you an idea, seems he commented why GET and CBT were being removed and has been forced out. This is not good news and I fear this shows the direction the wind is blowing in NICE once again. The...
  13. Countrygirl

    The new NICE Proposals for the Guidelines are up and SMC gives voice to the Deluded

    The new NICE proposals are up for comment.