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Creatine pinworms anal itching

This is probably a first of its kind question.

I was taking creatine regularly for last few weeks. I used to take one scoop of the small scoop it comes with. Its probably just 5 grams. It was very helpful for my energy levels. I was cycling for 60 - 90 minutes everyday and also studying. It was very helpful for my concentration.

I started developing anal itching. Slightly nauseated or lowered appetite. Constipated a bit but I take enough probiotics and Magnesium Citrate to push it out. Symptoms looks like its pinworms or some other worm. I am gonna check with a doctor soon. I stopped Creatine and took some Ivermectin and albendazole for three consecutive days. The itching has reduced.

I want to start Creatine again. Because its very essential for my everyday functioning.

Does Creatine feed intestinal worms?
Somerset, UK
Could creatine be somehow causing fungal overgrowth or triggering candida to become more aggressive? Fungal issues can cause the same symptoms, though I don't know why creatine would have this effect
Oh no Candida is even worse. But candida is a possibility because I have tested positive for a blood test years ago. Had a bad case of thrush few years ago. let me try to control other sugars in my diet and see.