Unexplored sensations

Listing sensations here that I haven't told doctors about yet, or that have been dismissed. Will add to it as I go.

  1. Rasping sound in head and feeling of friction in my throat when turn head sideways. Not always there. Feels like there is a piece of pipe in my throat.
  2. Sound in head coming from back of head right above neck when turn my head sideways, like my skull is moving over a plane of grit or tiny pebbles. Not much feeling, though movement not smooth at all and area very tense. Area right behind throat where rasping sound happens. Have to check frequency of occurrence.
  3. Cramp in lowest part of big bowel when drink too much black tea. Probably tannins, because happens with decaf black tea as well, not with tea low in tannins. Doesn't happen with wine, though, IIRC from when I could drink much wine. Goes away with LDN, but is only effect of LDN, so I don't take it any longer.
  4. Loud snapping/cracking noise of knees when bend them. Happens always.
  5. Tension on vertex that feels like a crown, like the area within that crown is contracting. Happens always when too much mental exertion.
  6. Shakiness without increased HR feeling like too much caffeine or extreme hunger. Happens now and then. Possibly reactive hypoglycemia, have to look into it.
  7. Skin pain on lower legs and feet. Wore knee high compression for 1.5 years could not tolerate the 30-40 mmhg flat knits all the time. Round knits not the entire day either. 20-30 mmhg round knits were most comfortable. After a bout of flu where did not wear them for a week, found I could not tolerate socks at all anymore. It would feel immediately like I had worn the 30-40 mmhg ones for too long. This is a lasting issue. Sometimes also hurts when not wear socks.
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My knees used to make noises even pre ME, try drinking more water.

"shakiness without increased HR feeling like too much caffeine or extreme hunger. Possibly reactive hypoglycemia, have to look into it. "

Also look into if excessive noradrenaline could be causing this. I get that too and my 24hr urine test results showed very excessive levels though my heart was not noticably to me racing.
Thanks for the suggestions. I already drink a lot of water due to dysautonomia. :fish: I had really expected my heart to race and was surprised to see it didn't when I started monitoring HR.
I get that weird shakiness too @TweetyAccount, exactly as you describe. Some days I don't get it at all ! But when it happens it feels as if my heart-rate is speeding, but when I check it, it's no more than 84 beats a minute, often less.

Mine is during a "crash" period, and the only thing I have been able to relate it to, is a feeling of the deepest core exhaustion. Not 'tiredness', but that form of utter exhaustion where the body is pushed to its maximum limits.

My lower back gives me a lot of trouble, unrelated to how hydrated I am
Wolfcub, have you looked into reactive hypoglycemia? I haven't yet. Mine aren't related to crashes, I think. It seems to happen out of the blue.

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