Week Update

I am having a good week. Somehow I gained a point ( I am now at 7 from 1 to 10). The biggest blessing is the brain is not as noisy. OMG it is so good to have the brain a little more calmed.:thumbsup:

I am surprised after all the traveling instead of been worse I feel better. There is something about the island that just remit my CFS.:angel:

I am doing much of the same except I am doing a more conscious effort to eat more stuff that are used for anemia (beans, Liver...). I don't have anemia but I figured if I have low blood volume it wouldn't hurt.

I had the second OI training and it wasn't as bad (I had the stockings on this time).

I am struggling to balance family, work and for time and energy with all the things I have to do to keep my current health. The pharmacy trips, the Dr appointments, cooking healthy Vs house/ work responsibilities...:eek:

I am undecided about to start exercising, I am afraid this OI training is too much and I will loose the gained progress, and on top of that put the PEM of the exercise. It is so hard to know what to do when the energy envelope changes, you have to redefine all the limits again without crashing.o_O


Not sure why you're thinking about exercise, but I do OK with very light weight machines, but crash from even the mildest aerobics.
I have a love hate relationship w exercise. I love how I feel when it goes well. Is the clear head feeling. The feeling of blood flow to the brain when I walk. That is why I crash every time on exercise because is addictive to me. I want to do it because I feel sooo good when I do it (w/o crashing) is a matter of finding the right type and right amount (so far not lucky no matter what I try).
Exercise is a hard one. I start with five minutes of walking slowly, increase by five minutes a week if I can, and slowly work up to two miles a day. I just feel better when I do it. Then a crash from another source comes... exercise is set aside for weeks. Then I start over again, five minutes at a time, very slowly... back to two miles again in a month or two, if I am lucky. No exercise crashes, thank goodness. Took a long time to learn how little I can expect in this area.

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