Update 10/2/2013. OFF BENZOS (for sleep)!!!!

I am doing sooo good symptoms wise, I don't feel as sick with viral like stuff. I only deal with muscle pain (Mostly when I overdo) and head feeling (this one is mostly constant, like brain is tender) , I still get a lot of those crashes but I am smarter now to learn to wait it out BY RESTING.

I get normal days more often than not. I sit on a chair and just exist. Is very exciting to be able to sit and just be without suffering!!!!:lol:

My brain is back to normal. I am super smart again. I sill have PEM if I over use it, but I was afraid that I would be dumb for ever, so to all those struggling with brain fog and processing speed issues, it can get better!!!!:balloons:

I can bend over now, reach over my head like to style my hair and little gains like that. I think I went up one point in scale.

This time a year I always crash. I am hoping and trying to eat as good as I can to avoid the yearly crash I get in the fall. Treatment is the same except I am completely off Benzos, I can fall sleep now without aid, I still need the trazadone to stay sleep. Having Good days!!!!


So encouraging Inester7, :) I really perked up when you mentioned you were super smart again !!! As I feel sooooo dumb and it goes on and on. I almost forget what it was like to have a clear, quick thinking brain.

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