Took second dose of Valcyte this AM.

Hello Everyone,

I started my second Valcyte journey yesterday (Friday the 13th) and have taken my second dose this morning.

Have a funny sensation in my muscles - like a tingling sensation, or a slight numbness. There doesn't seem to be any changes in strength at this time, but I feel a bit more slack than normal - looser if you will. Not sure if this is anything significant, but I'll keep writing about it if it turns into something more.

After writing my "pre-dose" blog entry, I had a meeting with my boss about the next few weeks while my body is adjusting to everything. He asked that I get a note from the Internist detailing what to expect if I have a herx / die-off reaction. That way, we can make any absences excused and I won't get in trouble for the time off. Hopefully, I'll be able to hand that to him in person on Tuesday (I have to pick it up on Monday and I work nights, so Tuesday is the soonest I can get it to him).

My family bought me a Britta water filtering system that goes to 4 bottles for my birthday on the 9th. I'll be using that to keep my hydration levels up - keep my kidneys functioning well. That was the one thing I noticed last time - that my kidney function tests had started to change just before ending the 6 month dosing. They were still in the normal range, but were getting close to edge of that range. Since we're likely going to be going at this for a longer period, I'm wanting to take extra care with them this time around.

Weight: 261.0 lbs (haven't reweighed)

Activity Level: 4 today

Current Dosing: 2 doses taken at 450mg each

Lab values of note: No results yet.


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