The Secret to Sleep

My sleep had been TERRIBLE (trouble falling asleep and trouble staying asleep) when I moved into this house. But this year I have been on a supplement protocol that includes a MELATONIN tablet at night and my sleep has been perfection. Just like that. And sleep effects sooooo many things that have to do with health and well being and healing. Therefore it is fundamental to healing.

Sleep is part of the SHINE protocol that people pay a lot of money to follow. The S in SHINE stands for Sleep. Sleep replenishes your body's energy and helps heal your muscles. Inadequate sleep will leave you exhausted and in pain. Because your sleep center isn't working in CFS/FMS, aggressive sleep support is necessary.

From WebMD on MEL and sleep

Low circulating levels of MEL are linked to disease

Also it is very VERY very important to have a room that is DARK. We need to get dark adapted again, which is our natural state of being at night. It is conducive to sleep and sleep quality.

Most especially interfering with sleep is BLUE light from electronics -- the TV, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Alexa (all things that I have in my bedroom except a TV). Lesser thought of WI FI items might be door bells, security systems, smart meters, and cell towers. An acquaintance who is a telecom specialist told me how to figure out if there are many cell towers in your area: "A simple exercise that I use. How many FM Radio Stations can you recieve in your car while parked in you driveway. First count the number using scan mode. Those are the strong ones. Second step thru and find the weak ones. Repeat this at midnight when you'd normally be asleep. Did the number of strong go up? It is Likely. The number of FM easily relates to the number of cell towers you likely have too."

Some people that are sensitive, like we canaries, are disturbed by EMF the electoermagnetic waves that are especially powerful and disruptive from electronics So in addition to removing electronics from our bedrooms and turning off the WI FI at night, some people even use Faraday Canopies to shelter their beds and themselves from EMF (smart meters, neighbor WI FI, cell towers, etc). My telecom specialist says, "I only support the Swiss EMF fabric cuz they supplied attenuation charts." He also says you may need faraday fabric under your bed, say if you live in a condo or apartment with people beneath you, etc. As for me, I live in a remote area on a mountaintop so I am not using a Faraday canopy.

However I do use a SafeSleeve to protect my organs from the radiation from my laptop, because I spend a lot of time on my laptop and I rest it on my lap versus a desk Based on my research the SafeSleev offered the most protection for the best price point.

Along that vein, Dr. Rey told me to wear cotton and natural fabrics as much as possible. That's because I have a toxic overload of various "stuff" manmade (petrochemicals) and natural (like mold). So I went and got a 100% natural and organic pillow. It's filled with Buckwheat. My pillow just arrived and I must say it is hard compared to my Ghost Pillow and gel pillow (those are made of chemicals!!!). But the website says to give it a try for 30-days as your body adjusts. So I will try it. My partner loves the pillow from the get go.

Here is further info on creating a sleep sanctuary

UPDATE: I now use a millet pillow from It's the same company that makes the buckwheat pillow above. My partner loved it so much that I never got it back. LOL. I think it would be too hard for my likes. But the millet pillow is fantastic. It is supportive but soft.


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