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The hospital cancelled the app. I waited a year for

I've read the lovely comments and advice on my previous entry, and I'm very grateful for the caring advice I get on my entries, thank you all :)... Rather than replying there, I thought I better just make a new entry... For the time being, I don't have to worry about which doctor I'm going to see, because I received a letter telling me that my appointment for the end of August has been cancelled. It promises that a new appointment date will be sent out as soon as possible, but it could put it back weeks... Now, I may not see a doctor until late September or October. If I'm really lucky, I'll get a new date that's sooner, like early September... I can be hopeful, but I also know that realistically, they're very behind, and swamped with patients... so I could wait another month, or 6 weeks. All I'm thinking is, 'Can I hold on?' I will hold on to hope that they don't push me back, as I've been waiting for a year and the doctor I saw a few weeks ago may have contacted them to get a move on for me. I will hold on to hope for early September.

If the letter hadn't come, I would probably have written that I'm not sure if we can ask for a particular doctor, because I don't think they know which doctor is going to be on, in advance. I think the shifts are decided much nearer the time, so the letters they send out to patients always say, 'To see the head of department or someone from their team.' Whoever is available on the day. At least, that's how I think it works. I might be able to ask someone about this when I get my blood test results this week or next week at my local doctors surgery.

Besides this... The UK is in for a heatwave in the mid 30s this week, so I'm really worried about that. I don't do well in the heat, and being dizzy and woozy and underweight, it makes me very anxious, and I do have a fear of fainting. A symptoms update:
Over the weekend, my head was funny and woozy, I lost balance while standing a few times (I'm absolutely positive the balance issues are due to woozy head), I always always have abdominal pain after lunch without fail, and had to escape to the bathroom on Saturday while my friend was here... Last night my muscles were really bothering me, it's not pain exactly, though they do hurt if lightly pressed... it's more like an ache that's intolerable, like when you have an itch or something crawling, it feels like I need to move around, jiggle my limbs, stretch out... like I need a professional massage n o w. But I can't really stretch out because of the reflux/hiatal hernia. I read the comments about POTS and I've done some reading on that; I do wonder if I have it... I seem to become weak when I stand, get woozy and lose my strength. I can't tell if my heart rate increases or not, though.

Thank you for making this a place I can write about my health and get some support for it too :)


I'm hoping that by the time they give you a new appointment the heat wave will have passed. It's not good having all that going on and then having to go out into it.

Hoping and praying you get the doctor you want too when you finally do get an appointment.

I am sorry you got a letter that changes your plans again. :(
And that your appointment is delayed. You have been waiting so long for it, and are understandably worried about your symptoms, and what they mean, and how you will be in the meantime, while you wait for an appointment.

The confusions about not knowing when the next letter will come, and how long it will be till the appointment, and in addition, which doctor.... all of it adds difficulties.

It seems like you are probably correct, that they likely do not allow specific doctor requests as we had hoped for you. So then, your previous plan was good on that. To have your list, and go. To try not to worry a lot, about what you cannot control. (NOT easy to do, I know, and impossible at times)

But.... We will be hoping for good things for you!

The heat wave is very difficult and challenging also. Try to plan small actions for that. It helped me this past week, when we had one, to have planned ahead, for extra easy, cool foods that I can manage to eat. And very simple ways to try to stay cool.
I am sorry your appointment was delayed Poorly Pixi. But I suppose there is one small good thing in it, and that is the heatwave seems to be ending. It is much cooler now and with some welcome rain.

It is quite a torture to have to go out to an appointment in horribly hot weather. So I do hope by the time it comes through it will be both : that you didn't have to wait TOO long, and that it will be more pleasant to have to go out.

I wish you the most positive things for this upcoming doctor's visit and hope you will end up seeing someone who understands, and can help you.

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