Sleep Study- Loved CPAP

OMG! I had a sleep study with CPAP and I just had the best day in a long time!!! When I have these days I just get a glimpse of how life can be!!!

You know how I complain about head buzz? when I first got the CPAP machine on, I started to feel like my brain was a balloon and the buzz sensation started going away per area. First the frontal lobe and slowly in all head. By the time it was morning most of the buzzing was gone and I had the most energy
(buzz did start coming back slowly).

I have gotten pain back with vengeance, mainly in thighs. I usually handle it well so I am not too worry about it, usually I can control it with alkalize drops. Everything else Good, My Diarrhea has been kept on check, maybe once a week now. Neuro symptoms better also, less Brain fog. But again I got my period and I usually get better during it. Lets see, any break is welcome from wherever it comes !!!!!


Great!! I am also a "hosehead" and it has helped me get refreshing sleep. However, as my sleep neurologist says I still have FM but it's all relative.
Relative to what? Has your symptoms gotten better as you use it? I have high expectations for it!!!
A bit less pain, a bit more energy but only a little improvement. Howeve, the health benefits alone are worth it. Apnea has severly detrimental to your health.
So glad to hear about the CPAP and your results. Sincerely hope the healthy feelings continue.

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