Probiotic Progress (updated)

In May I had one of the worst Flu's I've ever had. In a week I lost 6 pounds and my gut bacteria was a mess. Then a week of Zithro made things even worse. What came out of me did not look healthy in the least (enough said).

I had some Jarrow Plantarum laying around so took a couple of those a day after the Flu and before the Zith and it helped a ton! Waited until after the Zith was over and started again and once again things were looking very regular and I was feeling much much better.

Yesterday I got a second ProBiotic that I've heard good things about: Syntol AMD

I will report back to this post after a week of taking both.

UPDATE: The Syntol I took 2 the first day and felt very good that day. Most notably was the absence of a lot of mood fluctuation during the day for no apparent reason. The two days my GI was out of whack which I assume was die off although I've heard there is minimal die-off effect from this product. I haven't take since until I can come up with a strategy to mop up the die off.

UPDATE 2016-07-18: Had a recent surgery and believe my gut flora got whacked out after that. Sleep has been awful for a while. Started Syntol again 2 days ago. Good sleep has immediately been restored and again much more even keel emotionally. Not so much of the fluctuations at all. Thinking most of my problems are probably related to my gut and should focus there for a while.

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