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Pregnancy Week 33Getting big!

I am all belly now. Being only 51/2 and short waisted I have become what some may describe as a little dumpling. I havent put on much weight which is a good thing as I know I would have trouble loosing it later, but I do have this enormous belly that seems very disproportionate to the rest of my body.

My obstetrician wants me to go for a growth scan at 36 weeks to see how big the baby is and that will determine when I get induced. I also have to start seeing her weekly from next week.

We went to our last ante-natal class and we learnt about bringing the baby home, SIDS and other support measures post birth. Our midwife was excellent and took me aside to say that we did not have to stay for the breast feeding sessions if we didnt want to as she did not want to upset me. It was lovely to have such support.

I have noticed a significant drop in the amount of energy that I have in any given day. With the reduction in brain fog, I have lost a lot of the cues that I am getting to edge of my limits. By the time that I pick up on the other cues it is too late and I am reduced to curling up in pain and a blubbering mess. To make matters worse we have had quite a lot of humid heat and I have started to get swollen feet and hands which adds to the pain.

My hip pain has been steadily getting worse. I can sleep for roughly 30 minutes on each side before waking up in excruciating pain. Apparently being hyper flexible means that the sacral and pelvic ligaments and joints spread more than most pregnant womens. I have tried a couple of different body pillows, but they do not give much relief. My doctor suggested the herbal medicine Valerian just to help me get into a deeper sleep. While it hasnt helped much with waking up from the pain, the sleep does feel more refreshed.

Baby is however oblivious to all of this and is getting stronger every day. Baby only has to hear my husbands voice and thinks there is a party to be had. On Friday night we went to his Xmas dinner party at a restaurant. There was lots of loud voices, followed by music. I found out my baby has rhythm or at least thinks Cold Chisel covers are pretty good.


Allyann, your blog brings back sweet memories. My son is almost 29.

I recall that when I was pregnant my son kicked hard when he heard Bob Dylan or the chainsaw.

I'm sorry that you are suffering from so much pain and lack of sleep and energy. Best wishes to you.

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