Peptide Shot #4

I am on a bizzare up and down. I ALWAYS get worst on the fall for all past 10 years, and this fall was not the exception but the pattern is different, I get most "good" days than bad. I still have some symptoms that are bothersome, but what I see finally improvement on is the non relentless PEM I struggle with. I most have the worst PEM of all CFSers.

I am moving also, and it is incredible the amount of work I am able to do these days. I do get tired but not cfs tired, mostly normal plp tired. So I try not to over do too much. Yesterday I had a flare up of symptoms after packing like 5 boxes and a few bags!!! But hey even a normal person would of been tired, I got stomach upset and some chest pain twice in the day (I also had to buy boxes and go to the infamous Wallmart for packing supplies).

I am thinking this is really making a difference but I think the move is masking the progress. So I will wait till I am settled in the new house and new office (yes 2 moves!!!) before I make a final decision if I should keep going on or this is not working for me. Another thing is my body is wanting to quit the CFS pills (the antiviral and the immune modulator) the LDN and OI meds are ok for now. I feel worst when I take the mods.
But again my body always react well to the new stuff (that will work) so I have to wait a few months before I know something is really working super well for the long term with significance, before my body gets used to it and is mostly moderate help.

Also, at the end of the peptide period (I do them end of Month) I can tell I am ready to get them, and I cannot wait so is a good sign. My Cardio wants me on the pill to see If I can improve my pre-period passing out non stop situation, His answer to I do better when I take iron. IF you ask me and I were a doctor and iron works why don't we try iron shots first! I do not understand the medical community and their lack of listening skills. if something works why break it/?!!?!?


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