Peptide # 5 Update

Update: I crashed after the move, but nothing as bad as I feared, Before my period I got sick as I always do, so the remission was lost after about 2 weeks??? Since it is my POTs situation w Periods, I am not sure but I did get tired and had to manage energy so I will assume CFS was back.

I was craving the peptide, so today I got it and felt normal again so I will start the count on remission again, I cooked all meals, did laundry, walked through hills with Dog, Blow Dried my hair and still nor even close to be tired at all. I Did not manage energy at all today, and feel the TERRIBLE back and neck pain of the last days to go away, and hope I will sleep well since I am traveling out of town on a shopping day trip (all day ordeal and 3h car ride). Now that I think about it, I also got back on my immune meds, when I felt the relapse, Will avoid all meds to make sure nothing is blocking the benefits.

POts the same, I had a lot of near syncope Too many to keep counts. No other symptoms.

Now the ordeal of doctors:
I decided today I have to get cured so I don't deal with doctors, I went to get the shot and the order to get it done, was not faxed again, and they were giving me hell of not knowing what they were putting in me blah blah, To make the story short, I ended up putting the shot myself and Will do from now on. I hate dealing w so much crap anymore from doctors and health care system. I have never seen so much inefficiency in my live.


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