New ME/CFS Primer

I would like to share this with everyone. Recently the new primer that was shared with many in attendance at the CFSAC meeting with federal agencies in Washington D.C., was posted here on Phx. Rising. I was extremely pleased to see this new primer available to the public. After reading it I felt I could expedite the process of informing my own healthcare clinic staff and Primary Care Physician by making a hard copy to show them. I also contacted the administrative asst. to the Administrator of the clinic. I was able to email the primer to her, who in turn, stated she would share it with the administration board. I feel this is a good method for us to use in expediting the process of treatment for all patients as well as informing them of current research including finding the biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment.

I hope you will all consider doing the same with your own medical facility. I don't know how long it will be before the CDC decides to update their current toolkit with this primer as a guide for all physicians. Therefore, taking the ball into our own hands with our own physicians makes a lot of sense.

Thanks! B Elliott


I think the CDC has the key to open Doctors minds. It was the CDC who closed all their minds and made us all "pysch" patients and malingerers. Until I found a real ME CFS Doctor, I was laballed bat-crap crazy. I still am by my local GP who will not prescribe ME CFS meds to me. The CDC can either open the door or katie Bar the door for us. It's up to Elizabeth Unger.

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