My gut healing and brain fog

I haven't been following lately because my brain fog has gotten worse. It's taking all my attention just to get through my work day and my output is about half of what it should be.I've been taking Stoneyfield yogurt and seeing more brain fog but a big improvement in my gut. Apparently a lot I googled this stuff and a lot of people are having the same experience. Many with IBS are seeing a huge improvement. If I take a lot and keep taking every day my fog isn't as bad and I don't seem to need the supplements. As if the bacteria in the yogurt is doing it's job and making what I need. Google it up for yourself. The link below is typical from what I have found

Click here for probiotic cultures in Stoneyfield and other yogurts

So yesterday I decided to try something for my fog. Every now and then I'll get a hunch to try something. So I took milk thistle, Source Naturals Joint Response a Molybdenum and a Pantethine and had a great day. Energy was up, brain fog was down. I decided to try the gym. I'm usually already feeling fatigued at the beginning of my workout (weight lifting). Yesterday I had a ton of energy and strength. I have had days where I have taken Pantethine and done better but not like this. I had started shying away from sulfur supplements due to what I've been reading. I'll have to re-evaluate that now.

Update: Must mention that I also have been taking Now's Sunflower Lecithin which has helped with the Brain Fog and cognitive issues. I think there is a good reason Rich included Lecithin with his abbreviated SMP because for many it is critical for the brain when SMP ramps up.


Thank you! SMP is the Simplified Methylayion Protocol discussed on the Detox: Methyaltion Forum here.
Thanks for mentioning sunflower lecithin! I always thought it was made from soy which i try to avoid as the plague! I too have severe brain fog and other cognitive issues so i'm going to give the sunflower lecithin a try.
Does the packaging mention which probiotic cultures are used in the yogurt? I can't find it on their website.
"ORGANIC Stonyfield’s yogurt line - includes four extra live cultures: L. acidophilus, L. casei, L. rhamnosus and B. bifidus. and contains 100 million cultures per gram. (i.e. nearly 17 billion CFU/ 6 oz container), including at least 1 billion L. rhamnosus study-supported amount of HN001 strain to improve immune system function. Certified to strict organic standards. Contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners"

This article seems to confirm the role of bacteria in brain health - Changing Gut Bacteria Through Diet Affects Brain Function -
These also give some reasons for it taking place, which seems to relate back to bacteria again - and

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