I like the blog feature on communities like this. Each of us can post our own progress and things we want to share. I've known about phoenix rising for art least 5 years but recently taking a hard look into SMP it seems the right place to be for learning about this.

I am on my 2nd round of CFS, this one started 10 years ago and brought upon by prolonged stress and preceded by a couple of years of removing amalgams and replacing with crowns. I can guess I had at least 5 and maybe a total of 8 amalgams removed in this span. The first onset was 2 months after I had a mercury amalgam come out of my tooth which was replaced with another amalgam. I don't recall being under any stress during that time. The first round lasted about a year.

I have been able to stay pretty functional and made it a point to stay in the gym as much as I could. I mostly workout with weights and was able to go 3 days last week.

I had my remaining 2 amalgams removed in June 2012 (IAOMT safe) and have since experienced a heightening of symptoms (the mercury dump) of fatigue and brain fog especially.

I had heard of Rich, Amy Yasko at least 7-8 years ago and naively purchased a bunch of methylation supps and took then for a few days. The result was a hard crash. Since then I hadn't given the SMP too much thought. I had written Rich back then and personally thanked him for his contribution. It was nice that someone was taking the community seriously and genuinely wanting to help.

After reading some posts here I decided to try again. I tried hCbl and Folapro and got some encouraging results. After 3 days I was feeling pretty ill. Lot of pain and felt like swelling on my left side under the rib cage and inflamation. The symptoms abated as I stopped the supplements.

So... I'm trying again and will persist and stay with it this time.There is a ton of good information and I and am hopeful for the future. I hope to be able to contribute as well as learn from others here.


I've been fooling with the methylation stuff since November. Recently I've had a big improvement in migraine frequency and severity. Is it the SMP, the Co Q10 I've been taking for nearly a year, both, neither? I wish there were a way to find out.

The fact you have such a strong reaction to the supplements suggests to me that you do indeed have the methylation cycle block.

I assume that by now you have found Rich's posts that talk about starting slow. I've mostly taken the supplements every other day, still trying to increase to every day. The SMP seems to bother my gut (too many toxins being flushed out?) so last week I started taking charcoal capsules. That seems to help.

One of Rich's posts suggests starting the supplements in this order:
1. General Vitamin Neurological Health Formula (start with 1/4 tablet, build up to 2 per day)

2. Phosphatidyl Serine Complex (1 softgel, 500 mg)
(I'm substituting Lecithin 1200 mg)

3. Hydroxy B12 Mega Drops (2 drops, 2000 mcg)

4. MethylMate B (3 drops, 210 mcg)

5. Folinic Acid (1/4 capsule, about 200 mcg)

Good luck with this; I look forward to your updates.
Thank you, I have had good initial reactions. I think I just need to find my proper dosage.
Chris Jackson, Ive got mercury posiong from dental fillings in conjunction with a mold exposure. That is the recipe for a painfull death. Everything you are dealing with, every one of you, is either suffering form toxic metals of the efffects of long term toxic metal load. Its all toxic metals folks!

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