There are a lot of things that define me... where do I begin? Some people meticulously plan their lives. Well, that's not me. Some people at least try to do everything right. Well that's not me either. Not even close.

Still, I don't like people criticizing and accusing me... mainly because they always go after what I haven't done, instead of what I have. (If you're going to shoot, at least try to aim) Also because my life has been hard enough, and it's not getting any easier, and they have no clue.

I was always a Christian... my earliest memories are all either spiritual or about food :Retro smile: I love food too! Raised in Africa, Married in Turkey, my US citizenship is more of a nostalgia than anything else... my son calls me his African-American Turkish mom :Retro wink: because I'm more Turkish with some African spice and American flavor.

Got sick very soon after we moved back to the States, when I was 24. ICI - Invisible Chronic Illness... I think that's the best name I've heard yet. I married outside of my faith (because I'm such a risk taker :eek: and am certainly the person I previously described). Otherwise my Turkish Muslim husband and I were getting along well enough when I came down with ICI. Yes, icky it is.

I was already leaning in on God but now I leaned with a really heavy body and soul! I don't honestly understand how you guys and gals without faith manage it...

At any rate... went through 2 crisis bedridden/homebound times. Have been at times worse than many with this, and other times better than many.

Okay this story is getting too much and I want to just stop the memory lane...

Here I am. A minister by the way, open for counseling or just a friendly ear.

Please take care... literally.


Hi Bethany

Nice to read such a diverse bio. Mine is incredibly bland by comparison.

We are an amazingly diverse bunch on here - every faith and no faith - race, culture etc.

I place my faith in my fellow human beings. I guess that means you and everyone else on here (even those I argue with) are a part of my faith.

Counselling plays a vital role in our community. Especially meaningful I believe, when someone you have connected with, actively seeks you out, asks for that friendly ear.

you take care too

Hi Bethany,

It sounds like you have had an interesting life. I love food too! Thank you for offering an "ear". It is so important to have others to talk to that understand what we all deal with. I know many here will do the same for you. Welcome. :)

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